Latrell James, Voice Of Cheerios Ad Campaign, Backstage At Summer Jam

As Dorchester native Latrell James prepares to take the stage at his first-ever Summer Jam, we caught up with the rising star to talk about what it means to play a hometown show. "It's a big deal man. I've been to plenty of these concerts when I was a kid from '03 to '08. I've been to Monster Jam's when they were crazy as well. So to be on this stage... I feel like it's part of the journey," James said. "It's one of the biggest shows of the moment, so I'm blessed. No complaints."

James, despite a devoted local following, only broke out into the mainstream when he began licensing his music. The up-and-coming MC and producer is the voice behind the latest Cheerios ad campaign, Good Goes Round

"You learn that artists don't make a bulk of their money from streams and stuff, so you have to dive into licensing and syncs," James explained about the business decision that led to the Cheerios spot. "I was like, 'Why wait until I'm big to do that? Why not diving into licensing and syncs now?' And it's a way for me to supplement my income and not be stressed out about working a 9-5. So it helps out big time."

Check out the full interview below.

(Photo: Bethany Anna/iHeartMedia)

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