Saweetie Agrees To Go On A Date With JAM'N 94.5's Maverik

The last time Saweetie hung out with the JAM'N 94.5 crew, our very own Money Mav asked the songstress to join him for an upcoming Celtics playoff game. Saweetie's answer? "Where are the seats?!"

Unfortunately for Maverik, his nosebleed tickets weren't enough to woo the performer for a night out on the town. Well, fast forward a few months and Mav got his second chance backstage at Summer Jam 2018!

Ashlee set Mav up to take his shot, and the DJ didn't hesitate. "Well, since we're at Summer Jam," he said with a smile. "I mean if you'd like to join me side stage..."

Saweetie informed Mav that she'll actually be ON stage, but did agree to another Celtics game date night if Mav can score some courtside seats this time around.

Stay tuned for updates on this budding romance! ❤️

(Photo: Bethany Anna/iHeartMedia)

Saweetie Brings Sexy Dance Moves To Summer Jam 2018 - Thumbnail Image

Saweetie Brings Sexy Dance Moves To Summer Jam 2018

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