Thotiana Cardi B Blueface Video Remix

The Trending song "Thotiana" just might go to the next level with Cardi B blessing it with a verse.I'm a fan of anything that has Cardi B on it.Check out the fresh video below and Lyrics to Cardis verse.This video actually reminds me a bit of Jcoles KOD video where the car is flying in through the clouds.

Cardis Verse:

[Verse 1: Cardi B]

Cardi, Cardiana (Cardiana)

I was home with my kid, mommyiana (Mommyiana)

Real b***, I don't be with all that drama (Nah)

Mindin’ my business, I'm unbothered (I'm unbothered, yeah)

I ain’t draggin', I'm lit (Like a tit)

F*** clappin' back, b**, I'm clappin' on the d

Bust it, bust it, I'm a savage (I'm a savage)

throw it back like a 10-Year Challenge(Woo!)

Take him to the crib, then I push him on the sofa (Sofa)

Have his breath smellin’ like p*** and mimosa (Ah, ah, ah)

Uh, we ain’t finished, tell him beat ‘em up (Beat it up)

And if the p*** stop breathin', give it CPR (CPR)

It’s so tight, think he slipped in my b*** (Slipped in my butt)

I don't swallow Plan B, I just swallow the nut (Uh, nasty)

P*** dope, I'm the dope dealer

And if your p**** good, shouldn't have to maintain a broke

Real s****, real life

Everybody gang bangin’, know they ain't real, right (Yeah, right now)

Since I came in the game, been a real one (Real one)

And ain't shit changed, b****, I'm still one (Ah)

Uh, all facts, no cap (No cap)

Daddy, how you like that? (Like that?)

Uh, ain't got no time for no subliminals

I throw wop, b**** bein' petty just means you miserable(Facts)

Uh, yeah, straight lame (Straight lame)

My p*** a bustdown, your's plain jane (Bust it)

I make him go insane, I f*** him with my red flag on

And when I come, I say gang (On the gang)

Lyrics Credit: Genius

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