Bad Bunny & El Alfa Make History In Chile

Bad Bunny who made his entrance into the U.S music scene by being featured on Cardi B 's Smash hit "I Like It" was performing in Chile this weekend For the "Vina Del Mar Music Song Festival". During his performance he invited & introduced "El Alfa" a famous artist from the Dominican Republic to perform their song "La Romana". Note that this is the first time ever that a artist from the Dominican Republic made such an impact at the awards in Chile. When he came out running you can literally feel the rush of energy. Watch the performance below.

El Alfa also Sold out an after party at a Club that held a capacity of 3,500 people which over 1,000 people were left outside. He has been getting a lot of recognition from various latin artists on instagram thanking him for bringing the culture and genre of Urban Latin Music to another level.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Video Credit: Vulcano Music

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