Russ Aint Goin Back Music Video

Russ is back on his A game! After his last hit "Missing You Crazy" made it on the charts and got major airplay across the world, he's back with another hit "Aint Goin Back". In my opinion this is that raw Russ we love and feels like he's also getting a few things off his chest, like how much work he puts into his craft, and how far he has come in the industry as well as reminding us how much longer he has in the music biz. He rhymes...

"Who's in my league? Not You

Who makes your beats? Not you

Who does your hooks? Not you

Bitc* I'm elite, top 2

And not 2 bitc* I'm the 1

It's crazy to think that i barely begun

Already on Forbes, Already in Staples

I still got 4 years 'till my twenties are done"

Russ was letting everyone know that he writes all his lyrics and makes the beat as well. It's also amazing to think back at how young he is, but it feels like he has been rapping for a long time. It's safe to say that we can expect more music from him out of nowhere, I personally love spontaneous releases. Russ also treats us to a quick video on how he made the beat for "Aint Goin Back" Enjoy! I got to meet Russ last summer when he sold out the Blue Hills Bank Pavillon humble guy with plenty of jokes check the picture below too. Do you think we look alike? lol

Video Credits:

Russ Youtube Channel

Diemondotcom Youtube Channel

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