Girl COMPLETELY Loses It After Her Instagram Page Got Deleted

A social media star has posted a tearful video online, sobbing over the prospect of having to get a 9-5 job after herInstagramaccount was taken down.

Jessy Taylor, 21, from Tampa,Florida– who boasted more than 113,000 followers – said that she isn’t cut out for work because she is ‘worthless’ and ‘brings nothing to the table’.

Sharing a video toYouTube, the vlogger explained she was in the middle of editing when she realized her account had been deleted, and that she fears she’ll end up a ‘homeless prostitute’ without her Instagram account.

Breaking down in tears, she said that she needs her Instagram account for her career and can’t go back to working at McDonald’s – although she didn’t specify exactly how she earns money from her account.

Read more on this hilarious story here and watch the video below.

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