Cardi B Goes Off On Instagram Rant About Urban Bloggers

Cardi B went off on bloggers, black bloggers in particular, about exploiting black or urban artist and always showing them in a negative night. In the rant Cardi made a point that white artists or actors did not get a scrutinized as much.

"Why wouldn't a white Caucasian person try to capitalize from the drama that happens in the urban and the black entertainment business, when black blogs, black-owned blogs capitalize off they own drama and problems. You don't see Donald Trump," she continued. "You don't see Charlie Sheen sh*t going viral every year, every so. 'Cause they don't give a f*ck anymore. Back in the day, TMZused to report about Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, all these Caucasian celebrities, all these celebrity actors. Now, all they do is post about hip hop artists, people that's in the black entertainment business because black blogs capitalize off of black entertainer's drama."

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