Justin Bieber Attends Bruins vs Maple Leafs in Boston. Bruins win.

You gotta love the Canadians, especially when they help the Bruins beat their own team The Toronto Maple Leafs.

Drake has been in the news lately as a know sports curse to any team he roots for. So much so that a soccer team instructed all their players not to take pictures with the rapper.

But there seems to me a new curse worthy Canadian fan in town and he goes by the name Justin Bieber. Justin attended game 7 of the Bruins and the Maple Leafs wheres his team fell to Boston and were sent home packing.

Immediately after the game Bruins player Davis Pastrnak tweeted "Not today, Justin Bieber,"

Regardless, Bruins fans would welcome both Drake and Justin to any of our games....as long as they are rooting for the opposing team.

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