Controversial Ending To The 2019 Kentucky Derby

The stars and fashion were out in full attendance at the 2019 Kentucky Derby, and so was the drama. After the nail biting 22 minute race came to and end with fan favorite race horse 'Maximum Security' beating the competition, the thrill was short lived as the win was challenged and reversed.

“I think this is the most egregious disqualification in the history of horse racing, and not just because it’s our horse,”Westtold The Associated Press by phone Saturday night.

His statements came after Three stewards, horse racing’s version of referees, had just ruled that when Maximum Security jumped a puddle, he had impeded the progress of a rival, War of Will, almost knocking that colt’s rider, Tyler Gaffalione, off his horse. That meant Maximum Security had committed a foul and could not be declared the winner. Read more on the story here



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