Kim Kardashian Meets Ex-Con After Release. Will Pay for Face Tattoo Removal

Kim Kardashian is serious about her new journey in life. Aside from trying to become a lawyer, she has help in the release of 17 inmates in 3 months, and now granting ex-cons request to meet her.

Azaria Algarin's twin brother,Paul, got out of Central Prison in North Carolina on April 19 after serving 7 years, but while he was locked up he asked for Kim's address so he could send her a letter because he'd heard of the prison reform work she's been doing.

Azaria says she thought her bro was being ridiculous and that meeting Kim would never happen let alone even read his letter. But Kim did indeed read his later and took the trip to his hometown to meet him in person.

Kim and hubby Kanye West landed in NC with a doctor to discuss removing Paul's face tattoos so he can have a fresh start post-incarceration. Kim and Kanye are covering the cost for the procedure. Read more on this story here.

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