Ayesha Curry Claps Back After Her Baby Is Fat Shamed Online

Ayesha Curry was not having it when a commenter fat shamed her 10-month-old baby boy Canon.

Everything started when Curry posted a photo taken after her husband, NBA star Steph Curry, won the Western Conference finals with the Golden State Warriors.The group shot shows Curry holding Canon surrounded by friends and family. The problematic comments began when someone asked the mom of three if she was pregnant again.

"I'm not thin; I'm 170 pounds on a good day.It's been a journey for me, and that's why I want my girls to understand who they are—and to love it."

Despite this, Curry took the pregnancy speculation in stride, replying with "LOL" and stating she is absolutely not pregnant.

"My 30-lb.son is just breaking my back in every photo," she wrote.

That's when the comments about Canon came.

"30 at 10 months??Sheesh," wrote one user.

"30?!?!?He's bigger than my 19-month-old nephew," another commented.

"Maybe portion control his food a little bit," replied another Instagram user in a comment that got Curry's attention.

While she had responded to the inappropriate speculation about her own body with grace, she was not about to take baby body shaming and unsolicited parenting advice from an internet stranger.

"Excuse you?No.Just no," she wrote.

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