Lil Tecca 16 Year Old Nerd Rapper

The buzz is all about Lil Tecca right now. Once you watch his music videos or his Instagram account, you can see why the word on the street is that he's next to blow up. He has his own style which is "Not Your Average Nerd". He mentions how his main focus is getting good grades in school while balancing his music career. He started getting noticed worldwide by roasting / cracking jokes on his friends while playing Xbox Live. From there they took things to the next level and started making songs about playing Xbox, and next thing you know his latest song has 4.5 Million + views in 6 days on Youtube. Check out the music video titled "Ransom" below a long with his Instagram account and a interview he did with Mariah Carey's Dj - DJ Sussone.


Video Credit: Lyrical Lemonade Youtube Channel


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