Barbara Corcoran Invites Jay-z To Shark Tank

Jay-z has been working hard for this for a long long time well deserved! I personally love Shark Tank and I think Hov will definitely be a great guest shark. Read and Watch full article below!


ABC'sShark Tankmay wantJay-Zto pull up to the show.

According to a reportTMZpublished today (June 5),Shark Tankhost Barbara Corcoran believes thatBillionaire Hov'slatest accomplishment is well-deserved. Later on, Corcoran was asked if she would ever consider him for Shark Tank. She said that she would personally invite him on and put in a good word to her producer so that Hov can guest star on the show.

"I bet he'll be the best shark, why not?" Corcoran told TMZ. "I'll make sure he gets invited."

Corcoran is a self-made millionaire herself. Before she became the star of ABC'sShark Tank, Corcoran was already an accomplished businesswoman, investor, consultant and author. Before made sure to congratulate Hov on recently being certified a billionaire.

"He deserves it, c'mon," Corcaran told TMZ. "He's a self-promoter. He works his ass off. Why shouldn't he be a billionaire?"

Earlier this week (June 3),Forbes confirmedthat Jay-Z has reached billionaire status. According to their report, Hov's bank account reached seven figures thanks to the various business ventures he's been involved with such ashis music career,his companies like Roc Nation and TIDAL as well as investments in other companies like Uber.

Jay's billion-dollar fortune stems from his stakes in Armand de Brignac champagne ($310 million), cash and investments ($220 million), D’Ussé ($100 million), Tidal ($100 million), Roc Nation ($75 million), his own music catalog ($75 million), art collection ($70 million) and real estate ($50 million).

Check out the video of Barbara Corcoran scouting Hov forShark Tankbelow.

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