David Ortiz Shot Attempted Robbery

UPDATE 11:50pm

According to news from Dominican Republic and eye witnesses that were outside the club (Venezuela) were the incident took place, it was a young deliquent that attempted to rob Oritz. Club goers who saw what was happening ran and kept the suspect hostage untill police came. But they started taking matters into their own hands and started kicking and punching the kid, while yelling in spanish "your a disgrace to our country, do you know what you just done". David Ortiz was rushed to the nearest hospital by one of the club goers, reporters from DR say that the man ran to his truck even crashed the parked cars that were blocking him to get to david and put him in his truck. They also say that the clubgoer who drove Ortiz to the hospital also took off all of big papis jewlery and kept it with him to avoid it going missing in the hospital. Unfortunately there have been cases in Santo Domingo were hospital staff take advantage and steal jewlery from the injured - or the jewlery happens to go missing. ALSO there is a video going around on twitter that shows the club goers (who held the shooting suspect captive) kicking him. Viewer Discretion is advised clip is below.

This is so sad to hear another tragic story coming from his homeland of Dominican Republic, I'm from Santo Domingo myself and this is terrible to hear. Let's keep big papi in our prayers. story by tmz.


Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz -- aka "Big Papi" -- was shot in the leg during a robbery Sunday in the Dominican Republic, his father confirmed. 

The 43-year-old was reportedly hanging out at a nightclub area in Santo Domingo when a gunman burst into the place and opened fire on Ortiz. 

Ortiz was put inside of an ambulance and rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. His condition is unknown at this point. 

Ortiz's father Leo Ortiz confirmed the incident toESPN... saying, "They called to tell me that David is injured and that they took him to a medical center, but they did not tell me how he is or exactly where he was transferred."

Leo, who is currently in the Dominican Republic, added, "At the moment, everything is confusing. I'm trying to find out where they took my son."

The suspect has reportedly been arrested. 

Story developing ... 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Story Credit: TMZ

Clip Credit: @masterfliip On Twitter

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