Barstool Sports David Portnoy Threating Email To Employees

Imagine Getting This Email From Your Boss. David Portnoy Sent This To His Barstool Employees.

"Just one last message before I head off to Nantucket for July. A long standing pet peeve of mine is when I think people start taking Barstool and their job for granted. Generally if I think people are working their asses off and giving an A+ effort you won’t hear much from me. I understand that not everybody can be Dan or Pft or Kfc or me. And yes some people are grandfathered in and may not always give max effort but everybody isn’t treated equally around here. That’s life. But when sales or I ask you to jump you better fucking jump. When you are late to company events or constantly make excuses why you aren’t there (call her daddy) I get pissed. I get everybody cares about their brand first and foremost. But without Barstool 95% of you are in a cube being miserable and don’t exist. Without all the work that was put in for the past 15 years you never even get the opportunity to be here. Talent and Barstool are a mutually beneficial relationship despite what you think or your asshole agents may tell you. If I think you aren’t here to pull your weight for Barstool as much or not more than for yourself you won’t be here very long. I feel like the last year all anybody does is complain about how Barstool doesn’t do enough to promote them or complain that sales asked them to do something. It’s bananaland. There are literally tens of thousands of people who would kill to replace you. Never forget that and we won’t have any problems moving forward.

Have a great 4th everybody!

Yes these were my parting words to everybody at Barstool. See you losers on the other side.

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