Viral Video: Man LOSES It At Bagel Shop Over His Height

A bagel shop patron went viral after he was filmed lashing out at customers and employees over getting dissed because of his height by women on dating sites.

The video starts with woman asking the man "You’re degrading women, why is that OK?" before he goes OFF.

"Why is it OK for women to say, 'You're five feet on dating sites, you should be dead,' and that’s OK?" he shouted.

"Who said that to you here? Nobody," another patron said.

"Women in general have said it on dating sites. You think I'm making that shit up?" the man continued. "Everywhere I go I get that same fucking smirk, with the biting lip."

As the man becomes increasingly aggressive, a male bystanders steps in and tells him to "calm down." To absolutely no one's surprise, the man didn't take the advice.

"Shut your mouth. You're not God or my father or my boss. Dude you want to step outside?" he yelled, before turning his attention to another much taller man. "You shut up, too! OK, then attack me!"

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