Man With Fractured Hip Scales 19-Floor Building To Save Mother From Fire

A man scaled down the exterior of a 19-floor apartment building in Philadelphia to escape a fire Thursday night, and he made it down safely.

A man just known to us as "Jermaine" is a modern day Spiderman! He arrived to him moms building to find firemen and police outside. There was a report of fire in the building. Jermaine, realising that his mother was in the building and was bed ridden, asked if he could go check on her. He was told that couldn't since the elevator was not working.

He then requested to take the stairs to go check on her. He was denied entry once again and that's when he took matters into his own hands and began scaling the 19 floors to his mothers apartment. All while only equipped with a pair of wire cutters and a fractured him. Check out the amazing footage below.



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