One Firefighter Injured Battling 8-Alarm Fire In Downtown Natick

A massive 8 alarm fire that ragged through most of early Monday claimed 8 business's and injured a fire man.

When firefighters arrived to the building at around 1:20am they found heavy fire in the basement of a local business, King Wok Chinese restaurant.

Acting Natick Fire Chief Daniel Dow said the complex, which was built in 1900, holds seven other businesses.

“It’s too early to tell where the fire originated,” Dow told reporters and also said that they didn't suspect any foul play.

“There‘s a lot of different businesses in there. We have a print shop in there, we have a Christian Science reading room in there, there’s a lot of heavy fire load, there’s a Chinese restaurant in there, we’re unsure what the fire load is and then the construction of the building itself. That (rubber) membrane roof will cause all kind of smoke,” Dow said.

The fire burned for over six hours and by the time firemen were able to contain it had destroyed the 8 businesses housed within the building.


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