Kim Kardashian's Photographer Accused of Predatory Behavior. Kim Responds.

Celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde, who is well known to the Kardashian and friends with Kim was put on blast by model Sunnaya Nash. Here's how it went down.

Marcus posed a question to the social media public asking if there were any models who wanted to shoot. Nash responded that she was interested, and that's where things went left.

Hyde tells Nash that he'll shoot her for free, but only if she sends nude photos first because he's "gotta see if your worth it." Or it would cost her $2,000. She then responded that she was open to doing a lingerie with partial nudity, but that didn't work for him. She then responded that she would do a nude shoot but didn't have nudes to send him, to which he responded it would cost $2000. Disgusting!

Check out the exchange below.

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