Diddy Stands By Jay Z During Back Lash Over NFL Deal

With all the backlash that Jay Z has received over his partnership with NFL, a close and long time friend Diddy came to his defense and clapped back at doubters of the deal.

Diddy said he believes Jay will do some incredible things inhis partnershipwith the NFL -- explaining, "It’s time to play chess not checkers."

He continued, "I was just watching everything last week but it hurt me to my heart because I know this man personally. He’s one of the most genuine and intelligent black leaders we’ve ever had. We cannot go against each other, there’s not enough of us. I applaud Jay Z and I applaud the NFL for bringing him in."

"This isn’t just about the NFL, it’s about how black and brown people are treated daily across this country. We have to come together and make the hard decisions, nobody is going to do it for us."

"I believe in taking action, taking steps towards the right direction and I support all my brothers that are out here taking ACTION."

"Together we are unstoppable. #BLACKEXCELLENCE!!"

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