Chris Brown To Hold Epic Yard Sale At His House

Ever been to a yard sale in a rich neighborhood? NO? Then you need to try it cause you could score some seriously dope high end fashion that the owner no longer wants.

Well Chris Brown has decided that he too will bless his fans with some of his older designer fashion. Breezy took to his story on IG and mentioned that he would be announcing a yard sale at his soon where he would be getting rid of designer gear like Supreme, Gucci, Balenciaga and more.

The singer said that the sale would go on for 3 days and make sure he sold the mostly expensive collections for the low low "U might see an item (balenciaga, GUCCI, supreme, high end items) that usually will cost $2500 in stores but at my yard sale it will be $200." he stated in his Instagram story.

Check out the post below.

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