Fans Of "Carpool Karaoke" Shocked To Find Out That Show Is Not All It Seems

An entrepreneur visiting Los Angeles with his family spotted James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke production out on the streets. And as he continues recording, the man notices that Carpool Karaoke isn’t doing so much driving on it’s own! In the video there's a giant truck pulling James’s SUV on four sets of even smaller wheels.

A lot of people online seemed to be bamboozled by the fact that James Corden isn’t actually driving his carpool karaoke car. There were tons of new jokes about car-pull karaoke. Like, “they really fooled us into thinking it was carPOOL karaoke when really it’s been carPULL karaoke the whole time”

Some people, though, were relieved to find out that James isn’t actually driving around Los Angeles while belting tunes, dancing and crying with Adele. Someone said “With the way he’s hardly looking at the road .. how is anybody surprised”

Do you feel lied to?

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