Box Spanish Remix Roddy Ricch Rey D Nova Chino El Asesino

Roddy Ricch was just in Boston last week attended the Celtics game with @ashleefeldman before he sold out Big Night Live, with the Number One Numero Una Cancion del Mundo "The Box". This song continues to catch everyones attention with it's signature boxspring/ broken bed beat "eee rrr". It was just about time that the number one song in the country got a spanish remix.

I introduce to you Boston's own Rey D Nova IG: @reydnova and Chino El Asesino Ig:@chinoelasesino. They added their adobo or latin sauce to Roddy Ricch's song. "Por ma loca que sea esa es la babyyyy" catchy hooks and relatable topics about a woman who is not to be played with and always has her mans back. That's my take on it @djamilibosont Listen for yourself below!