Stripper Who Fell Off 15-FT Pole Speaks After Painful Video Goes Viral

A stripper in Texas is going viral and not for her talent but for her nerves of steel.

Genea Sky, the dancer in the video, was performing onstage and climbed up a 15-ft pole to where the video shows her falling what some called two-stories and hit the stage hard. Genea seemed to land on her face with a loud thud which can be heard in the video above the loud music playing in the gentlemen's club.

What amazed viewers is that she almost immediately popped right up and continued to twerk on stage. Gene later took to social media and let her followers know that she was ok but had a broken jaw, broken teeth, sprained ankle and showed off the stitches on her chin.

In a tearful video Genea said that she required surgery and later showed picture of herself in the hospital after surgery with a thumbs up and her jaw wired shut.

Speedy recovery Genea! Your a beast for getting back up over that fall.

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