Listen: Woman Finds True Love While Getting Back At Her Cheating Boyfriend

Cece from NH called us during our "Free For All Friday" segment and told us about how she found out her man was cheating through the husband of the woman he was cheating on her with....yeah we know, a little confusing but stick with us here.

Cece said she got hit up one late night evening by a man claiming to have evidence that her current boyfriend was cheating on her with his current wife of many years. Cece decided to meet this man to see the evidence for herself and thats when things took an unexpected turn.

Cece and the scorned husband decided to return to his house and engaged in revenge sex...savage! And this is where things get deep...the two have now developed feelings for each other and are dating! 🤯

Check out Cece's words below for yourself and let us know, was she right for doing this? Do you think this new relationship can last?

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