Ashlee's Grandmother "Nana" Fights For Shopping Safety For The Elderly

It's a whole new world out here nowadays with everyone being encouraged to social distance themselves from each other. And while everyone is out trying to grab the last gallon of milk or searching for the almost non-existent toilet paper, some of our often forgotten citizens - the elderly - are finding it hard to survive.

Meet Fran Hamacher, 82, from RALEIGH, N.C. who is advocating for the elderly who need help with shopping and other freedoms during the Coronavirus crisis.

“So much of our independence as a senior citizen has been taken from us. Every time we ask for help, I know we can, that’s a little bit of our independence taken from it,” Hamacher says.

Hamacher recognized what a tough time her fellow senior citizens were having and decided to do something about it. After complaining to her local supermarket managers, she went a step further and reached out to her local news outlets. This increased the awareness to her cause and actually created a change. Now, some stores are opening for one hour in the morning for senior shoppers and the trend is now being practiced all across the country

“I just don’t want to see senior citizens with a blanket on their sofa for the rest of their lives. I want them to buy their groceries,” Hamacher says.

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