Watch: Rick Ross Gives Haircuts To Kids During Back-To-School Event

Rick Ross

Photo: Getty Images

Rick Ross has done a lot for his businesses and his farm lately, but now he's giving back to the children of his community before they head back to school.

On Sunday, August 14, Rozay posted a video of himself giving a young man a haircut during his Ready Up event with Foot Locker at the Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex in Miami Gardens. The kid getting the haircut didn't seem too sure about Rozay's skills with the clippers, but in the end, he came out with a decent buzz cut from the MMG founder.

"Regardless of how successful you are, it's all about coming back to your community," Ross said during a press conference. "It makes it a reality for the youngsters the same way it was for me growing up when I seen it and I could touch it. So it's all about coming back to the community. When you have the support of the community like my brother right here Reggie, thank you for everything, it's really easy and when you have partners like Foot Locker, one time for Foot Locker Miami, it really makes it simple."

"It's all about coming out, watching the youngsters and making it a little easier for the family members and the communities going back to school and making sure they have that excitement to go back to school," he added.

You can see the excitement in all the rest of the kids' eyes in Rozay's other photos from the event. In addition to providing haircuts, the event also free school supplies, backpacks and sneakers for kids 15 and younger. Check out more scenes from Rick Ross' back-to-school drive below.

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