Icewear Vezzo & Peezy React To Backlash From Meeting With Donald Trump

Icewear Vezzo, Donald Trump & Peezy

Photo: Getty Images

Icewear Vezzo and Peezy have responded after fans criticized them for meeting with former President Donald Trump.

Over the weekend, the Detroit artists posted photos of themselves with the Republican presidential candidate after they met him during his time in Michigan. Their comment sections blew up with messages from people who believed their posts were endorsements of Trump's campaign. Peezy, who has expressed his affinity for Trump in the past, jumped into his comment section to respond.

"Can anybody explain why they so mad?" he asked. "I thought we was free to vote for whoever we want?? What’s the problem? Does everybody have to be a follower? Do yall hate free thinkers?"

Icewear Vezzo also hit back at those who shamed him. He didn't necessarily pledge his full support for Trump. Instead, he vouched for bipartisan action by reaching out to the other side in order to help make a difference.

"Told Donald I Made the 6 great again @realdonaldtrump," he wrote in his caption. "But naw in all seriousness everyone not gonna agree with this picture but we don’t all have to agree on everything I just know not many of us will ever have the chance to really speak up for us and address how we may really feel so I stepped out on faith I didn’t meet him as a rapper I met him as a man and a father who understands the only way to attempt change things is to address things."

Peezy and Vezzo aren't the only popular artists to give Trump a chance. New York drill rappers Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G joined the presidential candidate during a political rally in Harlem back in April. They hit the podium and endorsed Trump in a speech a few weeks after Sheff G was released from prison on bail. Both artists, along with 30 other alleged gang members, were hit with over 140 counts in a felony gang case including conspiracy to commit murder. Ironically enough, Trump himself was convicted on 34 felony counts of business fraud the following day.

In addition to Peezy and Icewear Vezzo, others like Kodak Black, Amber Rose, Lil Pump and Sexyy Red have all voiced their support for Trump's presidential campaign. The twice-impeached former president recently repeated his claim that the upcoming elections are "corrupt and rigged." See what The Breakfast Club thinks about his comments below.

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