Stripper Reveals Which Celebrity Were Her WORST Tippers

TikToker Amanda DiMeo has been a stripper for over six years all over the country and has been exposed to some big names.

She's sharing vids on who tips really well, and who tips zero. Those who are generous? Drake, Usher, and rap duo Rae Sremmurd, made up of Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee. 

Amanda spilled that Drake made the dancers "get a plastic bag and pick that money up.

Usher didn't throw any money on the dancers but tipped the waitress over $2,000 for a bill that was only a couple hundred dollars. Rae Sremmurd was paid to play at the strip club but “they still threw a lot of money on all the girls and showed love to everyone."

She then shared a second video since her first one did so well about those celebs that weren't as generous. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez stopped in when they were still a couple, and she spilled, “J-Lo and A-Rod came into the club, did a room with the dancer, and didn't even tip her. This was when I was working in New York and she was about to film the movie 'Hustlers,' so I only think she went into the club to learn about strippers.”

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