Ashlee and the JAM'N Morning Show With DJ 4eign and Santi

Ashlee and the JAM'N Morning Show With DJ 4eign and Santi

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Video: EMTs Duck Gunshots During INSANE Highway Shootout

According to reports, the city of Chicago averages just over 2,000 shooting victims per year. No other American city is even close. Chicago also led the nation in mass shootings back in 2021. Needless to say, everyday civilians, law enforcement officials, and first responders are often on high alert when it comes to their surroundings. That realization is on full display in a video clip that recently surfaced of two first responders inside their emergency vehicle when a drive-by shooting occurred right beside them. The ambulance dashcam footage depicts the EMTs casually going about their day, when suddenly, gunshots rang out in broad daylight.

"Owww...sounds like a gun to me," said one of the men, as he glanced up for a quick second before looking back down at his cell phone as if he were completely unfazed.

"Oh sh*t, it is!" Replied his co-worker, who ducked down while in the driver's seat.

From there, the suspects drove passed the aforementioned ambulance while the shooter had his upper body hanging out of the window with a gun in his hand.

Meanwhile, back in the ambulance, the two EMTs discussed what they just saw.

"Oh, someone on a bike just got shot," said the driver.

"Do we see this person?" Replied his co-worker, in the passenger seat.

"Yeah, I'm seeing him," answered the driver.

His co-worker then slipped on his blue medical examination gloves and nonchalantly said, "Call it in."

The incident took place near Jackson Park, which is located on the South Side of Chicago.

Check out he scary video below.

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