Who You Got? Mase and Camron Go At Each Other With BARZ!

Damn i don't even know where to start! Real Hip Hop is back kids courtesy of Hip Hop greats Camron and Mase. Incase your too young to remember Camron and Mase at their hay day were at the top of the hip hop game. 

Mase was signed to Diddy's Bad Boy Records and changed the game as the self proclaimed "fly guy" of hip hop. Mase had hits after hits before he decided to bow out, at what most considered the top of his career and turned his life to God and became a past.

Camron, Harlem hustler turned rapper, founder of the legendery Dipset group, was once signed to Jay-Z's Rocafella records has maintained his legacy in music and fashion for over 10years and he too is considered a legend. Once best friends with Mase, their relationship has slowly dwindeled into where they are now....beefing.

For years the both of these rappers have had issues off and on but Camron recently too shots at Mase on the 1st song of his recent new project 'The Program' on the song titled "It's Killa". Listen to it below...

The Camron diss went unnoticed for the most part by fans with very little is any talk about in social media but it definitely got the person he was targeting, Mase. This resulted in probably the best diss song since Jay-Z and Nas beef, Mase dropped "The Oracle" last night (11/24) that set social media on fire. Using Jay-Z's self titled track off the "Blueprint 2" album, Mase went off. The 4 min diss song is filled with straight bars all aimed at Mr. Camron and things got personal. Mase seemed to expose Camron's questionable sexual behaviors among other thing. Listen to it below.

The bait was took and in less than 24 hours, Camron already has a come back for Mase. Taking to his Instagram, Camron dropped the snippet to his diss track and also goes at Betha's credibility as a Pastor. Check out the videos below. 

Is REAL Hip Hop Back?? Who you got winning this beef? 

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