Joe Budden Breaks Down The True Meaning Behind Drake's 'Scoprion' Album

So you've enjoyed Drakes new album 'Scoprion' so far? Well according to Joe Budden, you missed a lot of messages and shots that Drake took towards Kanye west. Joe Budden insists that he is just guessing and speculating but believes that the whole Side A of 'Scoprion' is him addressing the issue he has Kanye West that apparently has been known behind the scenes for years. This all stemming from Pusha T's diss on "The story of Adidon"

“I think that  Drake was somewhere with Kanye. I think they were talking about stuff, as they were working. I think that Drake probably let Kanye hear a good amount of what he was working on, because that’s what artists do. I think that this is while his June date is announced. He never said June-what, he always just said June. I think he then left Kanye, and I think when he went back to Kanye, there was a whole bunch of people around. Room full of rappers. I think when he went back to Kanye, Kanye had his whole June rollout planned.

I think that everything Kanye has done in the past month with that bullshit, was totally centered around whatever information he got from Drake before he departed. I think when Drake left the second time, that’s when a diss record came out - Drake’s “Duppy” freestyle.”

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