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Cardi B Says Her And Hubby Offset Are Breaking Up. But Are They?

Cardi B dropped a bombshell overnight as she took to her IG and posted that her and her husband Offset from he Migos were calling it quits and looking to get a divorce. In a not so very heartfelt post, Cardi reveled that her journey with Offset has come to an end after trying for a long time to work things out. She says that, even though she considers him a friend, they have fallen out of love with each other and that a divorce is on the way. Check out her video below.

To make this theory even juicer, there's even a video out showing the reason behind the break up may be because Offset has been cheating on Cardi with another female rapper. Check out the video.

But before you go believe Cardi's claims, lets take a look at the so not distant past where just 7 days before her break up announcement, she called out Offset to rap battle. 

I mean it was all good just a week ago.

And if we go just a little further back, Cardi was thirsting over her husband on Nov 24th calling him her "fine ass" sexy baby father and even commented that she would perform some sexual acts on him through the phone. 

I mean she sounds like a woman deeply in love.

The above post though is probably where all the evidence lies to show that the "break up" might just mean something else. In her post she also revealed the release date of Offsets solo album, 12-14-18, which just so happens to be 9 days away from today (12-5-18) from when she announced the break up. Coincidence?? 

Coupled by the fact that Cardi, who we all know gets passionate and emotional and very outspoken about things she loves, seems very calm and nonchalant and even unbothered that she is letting the world know that she is no longer with the man she has claimed to love soo much.

Is this a publicity stunt? Could she be creating a buzz about her and offset for when his album drops? Is she doing this just to make sure her husbands album sells? Talk to me about it. Hit me everywhere @dj4eign 

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