Rapper Fivio Foreign Admits To Sleeping With His Sisters Sister

Rapper Fivio Foreign has revealed a sexual encounter that should have never happened, but it did.

The Brooklyn rapper disclosed that he had sex with his sister's sister while they were all in the same room. During an interview Fivio said "My sister been left the house, right? She came back, she spent the night in my house," he explained. "Well, her sister’s sister from her father’s side, she wanted to fuck me. I was a kid, I was like in high school."

“I fucked her,” Fivio admitted.

Fivio added that his sex romp was the worst thing that could've ever happened because his biological sister was asleep in the same room.

“I had to go viral on her and I just felt I shouldn’t had did it,” concluded Fivio on his sexual tryst with his sister’s sister on her father’s side.

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