Justin Bieber Intentions Quavo Video

Bringing awareness to problems that people face all around the world Justin Bieber and Quavo did an amazing job on this project "Intentions". At 6 minutes long this music video/Short Doc will have you in your emotions. Justin Bieber showcases 3 powerful women that overcame adversity in their own ways. Throughout the video you get to follow them through their daily lives and get to know them better and their cause/Intentions for the world. You have to see this video. Not to mention that Justin Bieber and Quavo both do what they do best over this beat, singing and rapping with a cause. If you watch anything on youtube today definitely watch this, it will make you appreciate life and give you a sense of motivation that you can overcome any obstacle you may be facing. IG: @djamiliboston

Donate To The Alexandria House Here https://www.alexandriahouse.org/intentions_fund

Photo Credit: Getty Images