The passion started before he acquired his first set of turntables as his mother kept The household filled with music in the late 80s and early 90s. Fast Forward to the early 2000’s and  “The Mixtape Prince Of Mass” is a title more fitting for E Dubble who had graduated to being sought out for Official Mixtape releases of Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Pitbull and More. The undeniable presence and relentless work ethic lead to him being added to Boston’s JAM’N 945 roster. An integral part of a new wave of Boston music culture, Dubble has taken over “The Launch Pad” the longest running Hip Hop Show in New England. “I focus on the youth” is what he believes shifted the music scene. The likes of Joyner Lucas, Bia, Cousin Stizz, Millyz and more got their radio start with DJ E Dubble in Boston. The early relationship between him and Lucas lead to them Touring with not only in the United States but internationally from Canada to Europe. “Dubble Or Nothing” is the lifestyle brand in which E Dubble is bringing to the forefront.