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Gusto Drops Off New Track "Frozen Heart" Ft. ZayZayy

Gus Edwards, also known as Gusto, a Baltimore Ravens running back, has joined the ranks of musically oriented sports figures. Gusto has formally taken his talents to the studio, and the results have been very positive. He just released a new track called "Frozen Heart," Ft. ZayZayy and the song is a certified banger.

Gusto has officially turned music into a creative outlet, and his new single "Frozen Heart," demonstrates how he can execute plays on and off the field. He has a habit of creating uplifting compositions that depict his transition of careers and the challenges he has endured during his ascension in the music industry, as seen by his most recent hit, "Pray For Me." While Gusto is new to recording music professionally, rapping has always been a love of his, and he is more determined than ever to take his music career to the next level in 2022.

Music and sports are two areas that feed off one another, and these are two paths in the entertainment business that frequently cross. It's not uncommon for fans to witness their favorite sports MVP unleash a mixtape (e.g., Damian Lilliard, Iman Shumpert, or Victor Oladipo, to name a few) or have a prominent rapper sit courtside at halftime and give players high-fives on the big screen. These rappers are frequently engaged in the creation of the majority of the music heard in the stadium.

In a recent interview with Remixd Magazine, Gusto stated,"I've always known I wanted to pursue a music career, but I didn't always have the time to focus on that aspect of my life. When the pandemic started and the whole world was forced to stop their usual routines, I took the opportunity to spend time getting back into my music. Now I can't wait to see what the future holds."

Gusto's track "Frozen Heart" explores how unique life situations may cause an innocent heart to become icy. Gusto's lyrics commiserate with how betrayal, the loss of love, and the death of people dear to you may mentally take a toll on someone. Gusto wants to compose music that is honest for his audience, and he wants to connect with them in a genuine and intimate way.

"Seeing the support I get from people who like my music and seeing their reactions to how they feel when they play my songs have been my proudest moments so far," continued Gusto. "Those feelings are priceless. I hope my fans see my development as an artist in this song and can have a song to relate to."

Gusto's Liberian background also fueled his influence from African musician FireBoy, with influences from Rod Wave and Lil Wayne. Gusto intends to work with more African musicians in the future as his career progresses in order to infuse more of his culture into his music. Gusto is a self-assured artist that is dedicated to his profession. Keep an eye out for him as he continues his ascent in the charts.

"For me, music is a form of therapy. Getting my ideas out via music and knowing that others can connect to what I'm thinking motivates me to keep going."

Gusto's new single "Frozen Heart," featuring ZayyZayy, is available now on all platforms.

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