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Independent Artist Top-Tier starts solo career off right with new album

LA Artist Top-Tier is branching from his former group, RTG, and is going solo, aiming to release his first project early 2022. As an artist, Top-Tier values versatility and enjoys working in any genre, often finding his style changing with the day. He does not limit himself in his music and always strives to do something different than the day before. Having spent the last few years creating his new sound and style, Top-Tier is excited to share his growth as an artist with the world.

   At the age of 14, Top-Tier was gifted a Macbook by his father for his birthday, and immediately fell in love with creating music, using Garageband to learn the basics of engineering and producing music. He would come home from school everyday and spend hours on Garageband, (after finishing his homework of course) and soon found himself writing and creating full songs, vocals and all. After keeping his nose to the grindstone everyday, he realized his passion for music was unwavering. It was when he turned 18 that he decided to make music into a career when his father expressed that his music was radio material. Growing up, Top-Tier has always had a certain phrase ingrained in his mind, set by his mother, that whatever he decides to pursue in life, he must make sure he is Top Tier. This became his everyday standard, working hard towards any and everything he had his eyes set on. It was only properly fitting for him to go by the stage name: Top-Tier.

   Being most recognized from his former duo RTG, Top-Tier hopes to continue the success that the group has established and expand on it with his solo work. The duo’s most popular song “Slay” ft. Vivaswan has racked up millions of streams thanks to the viral play on Tiktok. On the social media platform, “Slay” has managed to gain over 43 million views over the 1.5 million videos made with the sound. From this point, the song ended up on radio stations and has allowed the group to build their fanbase through shows and events. Top-Tier wants to let people know to not discredit the power of social media when trying to aim for their goals. Though he is currently a solo artist, he is not one to shy away from showcasing his former group’s previous projects, all of which are available for streaming on all platforms.

 As he continues to finalize his debut solo project, Top-Tier shares the message of keeping persistent and consistent with one’s goals. He uses himself as an example that showcases the result of keeping focus on his passions. He is excited to share his new sound and style with the world, ready and raring to take over the year with his newest album. Be sure to keep an eye out for Top-Tier’s debut solo project, coming early 2022.

Keep up with Top Tier on social media:

IG: @iloveyoutoptier            

Facebook :@iloveyoutoptier            

YouTube Channel: @iloveyoutoptier             

TikTok: @iloveyoutoptier   

SnapChat: @iloveyoutoptier

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