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M3lo Capone Hopes His Music Motivates His Fans

Chicago made recording artist M3LO CAPONE is planting his feet in the Rap Scene. Starting his rap career at the young age of 13, M3LO Capone has based his career on the hardships he’s had to face. And let him tell it, everything he’s been through has made him the man he is. “ I’m a broken soul trying to stay positive with this music and show everyone no matter what your circumstances are you can still win. The odds were against me the minute I was born given my environment and skin color, it took me making the right decisions and putting in the hard work to prove the statistics wrong and make it happen for me and my family. My music gives people a step into my crazy life and hopefully motivation to better theirs, its always that next level.”

​Capone talks about how growing up the odds were set against him. Going through traumatic situations such as gun violence, he had to find ways to overcome his environment. Looking up to artist like Lil Baby, Juice World, And Future, who all had to overcome their own obstacles to get where they are, Capone realized that he could get to anywhere with hard work and dedication. 

Music became his safe space and a space to express himself. “There is a new obstacle everyday where I’m from. Music is my only scape goat mentally and physically.” Everything that pushes M3LO Capone has to do with how he refuses to give up and become a product of his environment. He uses his music to create a space where people who are or were in the same predicament can feel they aren’t alone. 

​He also is using this drive to overcome to send messages with his music. Capone wants his listeners and fans to know that giving up is never the option. “…you should never stop grinding for something that you want to achieve or get done in life. Its always that next level to something in your life whether its big or small.”

​The Chicago based rapper even keeps this energy of never give up in his up and coming mixtape, “All Gas, No Breaks”. He hopes to connect with fans and listeners to let them know they’re not alone in their situations. Capone wants his fans to know that hard work pays off. 

​Be sure to check out all M3LO Capone’s hard work streaming on all streaming platforms. And be on the look out for “All Gas, No Breaks”.


IG: @M3locapone

Facebook:@M3LO Capone

YouTube Channel: ABS M3LO Capone TikTok: M3locapone

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