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K. Johns Tha General Is Up Next With Latest Tape

K. Johns Tha General, a rising rapper from the Westmont neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles, has always considered himself a hustler.

In the wake of the release of his project 'Salute Me, Or Shoot Me,' K. Johns Tha General discusses how his hustling attitude inspires his artistic drive.

"The name of my first full project is 'Salute Me or Shoot Me' and the title was inspired by my frustration of feeling like I’m not receiving the right amount of respect or coverage in my city or state.

For most musicians, hustling is an essential component of their music's production and success. The hustle is more than just a means to success for K. Johns; it's also a much-needed outlet for his desire.

“I’m a natural-born hustler. My upbringing and environment, from the ups and downs to the wins and the losses, play a big role in that, and who I am today,” the rapper shared.

The project is filled with certified bangers and songs that anyone can vibe to. Specifically, the intro is one track that stands out and is a song that K. Johns feels proud of especially.

"The intro prolly speaks to me most because it explains not only my situation, but the situation of a lot of people that feel like they don’t get enough support or respect in their craft, but keep going regardless," he explains. "This my reminder to anybody listening, they gone have to beat you or join you if you stand on your purpose."

In his drive for success, the rapper has combined his natural aptitude for creativity with an innate skill for entrepreneurship to create a unique and varied professional path. These characteristics are reminiscent of the late Nipsey Hussle, who was one of his musical influences.

“I can draw and paint, and I have an Instagram page where I do custom paintwork on anything I can touch, but also, I’m always trying to find new ways to invest or involve myself in business and tech,” the rapper shared.  

K. Johns is one of the few musicians who have dived into the realm of musical NFTs, pre-releasing his first, entire record, "Salute Me, or Shoot Me," as a digital token, highlighting his unique approach to music, commerce, and technology.

"One of my proudest moments thus far is probably the organic growth in numbers and fans because I know a lot of things people see as “success” nowadays can be paid for," he says. "Especially in today's game. So, watching my own growth and the fact that I’m still goin is my proudest moment right now."

Check out his latest project below, & keep up with him on Instagram @Kjohnsthageneral

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