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Chris Catlin Gets Vulnerable On New Release "OtherSide"

Chris Catlin is an artist who transcends the genres of hip-hop and reggae in his latest release of the singles "Otherside" and "Roses and Flames." This singer and songwriter uses a smooth, moody blend of Urban R&B and Caribbean dancehall stemming from his Cayman Island roots and creates an infectious vibe each track he graces.

As his past releases are typically upbeat and bouncy records, Chris Catlin gets vulnerable in his latest releases speaking on the impact of losing a loved one:

"The death of my father inspired 'Roses and Flames.' When he passed, I realized it started to hurt less and less the more time passed," Chris Catlin expressed. "OtherSide" is a single I dropped shortly after - about a girl going through the same thing I went through losing someone I loved. But it's about how there's another side of things/ another side of life where we can let it all go."

Speaking on the life-changing loss of his father, Caitlin effectively demonstrates how his passion for music stems deep from his overall understanding of the craft, realizing how music can touch the souls of many, relating to listeners on a personal level.

"Music speaks to your soul," Catlin shared. "I can listen to a song in a completely different language without knowing a single word, and that song can make me feel exactly what it's meant to, even without knowing a word. That's what I love about music… It's all about feeling for me," he added.

Chris Catlin's talent and creativity go unnoticed, and he continues to break barriers in the music industry. His unique upbringing has played an integral role in his sound. Currently residing in Fort Myers, Florida, Chris Catlin never fails to remember how far he has come and where he plans to go in his career as a music artist:

"I grew up in the Caribbean, so that lifestyle and the culture being so musically driven has a clear impact on my music. My dad–who was an amazing guitar player–influenced my sound, and I also love artists like Collie Buddz and Popcaan, who embody that dancehall sound," Chris continued.

"I realized I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after I graduated high school, but I knew this music thing came naturally, and it brought me joy. I got more in touch with my Caribbean roots and incorporated that into my craft."

Fans can expect several projects in the works from Chris Catlin, including an upcoming reggae album. Check out his latest releases, "OtherSide" and "Roses and Flames," below. You can also keep up with him on Instagram @iamchriscatlin.

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