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Meet Independent Artist On The Rise BFM Cooley

BFM Cooley is an independent rap artist and Florida native. BFM Cooley began diving into music, specifically hip hop, at the early age of 11, having grown up listening to artists such as Hot Boys, Gucci Mane, Jeezy, and Yo Gotti. Cooley has always been inspired by the hustle mentality that hip hop music brings to life and utilizes his passion for music to venture into other endeavors. Since beginning his music career, Cooley has been able to work with artists such as EST Gee, Tafia and Payroll Giovanni. He has also been able to work with producers Reazy Renegade and most consistently, Kutta Beats. Cooley has also developed his own independent record label, Blacc Flame Musiq. Cooley is quite the well-rounded artist, having the ability to shift and change his style from track to track as well as honing the ability to write all of his own songs.

   Cooley’s work ethic, quality, drive and ambition are what his audience appreciates the most and is what allows him to propel forward in his music career as well as other goals and aspirations he sets for himself. Aside from creating music, Cooley is passionate about business and investment and has his sights set on building a solid foundation for not only himself, but for supporting the people around him. Early on in his career, Cooley has learned the value of taking initiative and learning to do things on his own. This allows him to fully immerse himself in his craft and move forward in the ways that he decides to, rather than waiting on someone else to make important or creative decisions for him. He is most proud of this knowledge and wants to remind his audience that they shouldn’t be afraid to take risks to reach their goals and to remain focused and consistent with the things they want to accomplish for themselves.

   Currently, Cooley has a new single and music video in the works which is set to be released soon. All of BFM Cooley’s music is available to listen on all streaming platforms.

Keep up with BFM Cooley on social media:

Instagram: @bfm_Cooley

Facebook: Bfm Cooley

Youtube: Cooley Offical

TikTok: @Bfm_Cooley

Twitter: @Bfm_cooley

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