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Premiere: Jeremy Finlay Shares New Single ‘Reasons’

Emmy-Nominated Singer. Creative. God Believer. Award Winning Film Director. Tech Founder - a few things to say about Jeremy Finlay. 

‘A mark that broke me, and then woke me…call it a hope’ - Jeremy says. 

‘Reasons’ is a twisted love story, a music or a movie? Jeremy Finlay is one of MOST slept artists out this new music Friday. 

‘Reasons’ is music video/ film, ‘Reasons’ is what you discover when you’re walking in your purpose. This single is everything and the return of Jeremy after a 3 year hiatus. ‘Reasons’ are type of energy that recharges the magic in our melanin. 

Jeremy Finlay, worthy of true love, show hope, cherishes love and learns about himself, acceptance and more of him. A trade-off through the reflection of the beautiful in the video in holding him. 

His first inspiration comes from Chopin, Liszt, and Debussy. His mom was a soul singer, his father was rock singer and his grandfather was a dramatic jazz singer. Talent runs in his DNA, his voice is angelic, soothing and deep enough to give goosebumps. 

This music video is love seasoned with inspiration, hope and reasons. We can literally feel the love radiating from this clip.

Jeremy Finlay, originally from says love filled the empty cracks. Oxymoronic enough. 

The music video alone is gorgeous, but hearing him and the quality of the video with the violin selection and slow mo shots... it’s a beautiful mix. 

It’s the heartbeat synergy for iHeart and what love offers even if it’s not union. 

Jeremy Finlay is an artist, singer, songwriter, filmmaker, entrepreneur - a natural versatile talent. “I’m excited to merge and marry my love of film and music into one experience…It’s more about the experience as opposed to just the song… and people are wanting experiences” says Jeremy. 

His sound is so refreshingly pure it cleanses the soul. Peep the video below and follow him on Spotify

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