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Jackboy Marley Latest EP "Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect" Is Underway

Hip Hop artist Jackboy Marley is ready to unleash his latest musical creations and is kicking his newest era off with two new singles. Marley isn’t new to the music industry as he was previously in a Hip Hop group called the New Era Jackboys since he was 22 years old. Since leaving the group at the age of 26, Marley has pursued a career as a solo artist and has released various bodies of work including mixtapes, an EP, and an album. As of 2022, Marley is expected to release his latest EP, “Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect,” and is preparing to release two singles from the project, ‘Let Us Prey’ and ‘How I’m Movin’.

When describing his own sound, Marley considers his style to be multi-conscious, opening up conversations about various aspects of life such as social, political, and spiritual consciousness. It is important to Marley that he is recognized by his catalog, his work quality, and his authenticity rather than a viral song or piece of work and appreciates earning each fan organically. He prefers to write what feels the most authentic to him, aiming to create for the longevity of his career as well as the timelessness of his art. Marley values having the room to constantly develop, grow, and hone in on his craft, expanding on his experimental and creative nature. He aims to be an inspiration for his daughter by showing her that it is possible to do anything she allows herself the space to learn, leading this sentiment by example by achieving his own aspirations.

Marley does not allow any limitations on his musical creativity and strives to change the way the average listener may digest various styles of music. He accomplishes this by integrating a variety of genres and music styles and formulating something new. He may utilize acoustic drums and simple melodies over a Lo-fi style track or he may take a more aggressive approach complete with assisted guitars and synth bass chords over heavy 808 drums. Marley also writes his own music but is not shy of co-writing and creative collaboration with producers from his label, such as Boye Kenyatta and Fido Wun, and thoroughly enjoys “creating in an environment of highly talented musicians and producer/songwriters.”

As for his latest EP, Jackboy Marley is set to release his upcoming project, “Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect,” on April 29th, 2022. His first two singles from the project, ‘Let Us Prey’ and ‘How I’m Movin’ are set to be released in the near future. All of Jackboy Marley’s previous mixtapes and albums are available to stream on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.

Keep up with Jackboy Marley on social media:

Instagram: @jackboymarley

Facebook: Jackboy Marley/@JackboyMarley817

Youtube: Jackboy Marley

TikTok: @jackboymarleyne

Twitter: @MarleyHines

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