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Rising Artist BFM Cooley Drops Highly Anticipated Single "Taking Off"

Being an independent artist can come with many pros of creative freedom and releasing projects, but there are also just as many hiccups with it as there are positives. Florida’s, BFM Cooley shares some insight into the independent artist life and even expresses his investment interests.

BFM Cooley is an upcoming artist who has released tracks like “Ice,” Designer,” and most recently, “Taking Off” as an independent artist. Although he is still making his way in the industry, Cooley has found a way to go about the independent lifestyle. 

“Being independent is just more complicated because you don’t really have the solid foundation to build with,” he said. “It’s more expensive and even with having money, it's still a hassle because you're gonna lose way more than gaining before you actually find the right team and sources to build with. It may take a lil more time but as long as you are consistent the right team will find you though.”

However, the hustle doesn’t stop for BFM Cooley, as he plans on putting his money in for the long run and the generations to come. He’s looking to improve and invest in things like stocks, Bitcoin, and learning about NFTs. 

“I've always been a hustler, that's just what's in me,” he said. “I’m looking into investing into more properties and really anything that brings value and long-term generational wealth, I'm into stocks and bitcoin too and have something tied into it also. I don’t know too much about NFTs yet, but that's one of my next moves I wanna find out in that field.”

The biggest advice that BFM Cooley provides to those interested in the music industry and the business aspects of it is to be open to new opportunities and invest.

“My advice is just don’t be one-sided when it comes to hustling and building your career," he said. "Try to invest in different ways rather than business or whatever, stay consistent with your moves just in case one thing may not work out.”

His latest single, “Taking Off,” produced by Kutta Beatz is now out on all streaming platforms make sure to go stream it.

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