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Independent Artist Jordan Brooks On The Rise

Jordan Brooks is the latest independent artist on the new music radar. Raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Brooks has always loved music and found a passion in it as an artist by the age of 15. Starting off his music journey by playing guitar and creating acoustic/pop music, he eventually dove into other genres, having been inspired by all types of music and artists. Enjoying blending genres, Brooks currently creates music of all kinds, as long as the art feels right to him. Brooks enjoys the freedom and learning process of being an independent artist, though he has the goal of eventually signing to a label under the right circumstances. “I think having those connections, professionals and the budget can just take things to the next level. Also, the quality of music would be so high, and I think that would be the best situation.” 

   Brooks has previously released a song titled “PRAYERS” and is quite pleased with the positive audience response. “It’s been really cool to have a song connect with so many people, and it opened some doors for me and gave me more cool opportunities and connections. It inspires me to keep creating and releasing more music that will hopefully connect in the same way.” When it comes to his latest creations and process, Brooks prefers to keep his projects as organic as possible. He often begins in his own bedroom, having learned his engineering skills there, and begins piecing his songs together, somewhat like a puzzle. He also has friends who produce and is not opposed to collaboration with other producers and artists. 

   As for what's next for Brooks, he is currently working on new music that are likely to become singles, though he expresses he may bundle the singles into an EP if it feels right to him. He has hopes of growing his fan base this year, planning to release music on various platforms to gain more exposure while working diligently to release his music on a constant and consistent basis. Jordan Brooks is currently promoting the release of his newest single, “Hard To Trust,” releasing on April 13th, 2022. Jordan Brooks’ music can be streamed from platforms such as Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with Jordan Brooks on social media:

Instagram: @jordanbrooksmusic

Facebook: @JordanBrooksMusicPage

TikTok: @jordanbrooksmusic


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