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Mondre Barnes: Building Longevity In The Music Industry Through Real Estate

A brilliant businessman and a serial entrepreneur as well as a rising hip-hop star, Mondre Barnes aka Dre-Ski shares life lessons through music and business. As many may know, Dre-Ski dropped 4 Real Ones Only, his latest EP in the final months of 2021. The collection encompasses seven exquisite songs and represents the second part of the project as 4 Real Ones Only Part One was released a while back. 

With an uncanny emphasis on authenticity and a level of determination the music industry has not yet witnessed, Mondre Barnes shares personal stories and experiences, always keeping it real. He speaks about continuing to pursue one’s dreams no matter what, hustling and grinding and never giving up to which the audience relates deeply.

Knowing the artistic side of Mondre Barnes, it isn’t hard to imagine how diligent and hard-working he is in every other endeavor. A real estate mogul who has previously partnered with legends like Grant Cardone as well as working under the umbrella of Silicon Valley billionaires including Richard Peery and John Arrillaga,  Mondre Barnes has indeed built an astonishing portfolio. 

Earning his Master’s degree in Homeland Security,  Mondre Barnes is currently working on his D.B.A. in addition to being an Active Duty Naval Officer. In the past two years  Mondre Barnes has founded and successfully managed his own trucking company and has purchased multiple investment properties. 

“As both a real estate agent and real estate investor, I’ve learned that wealth is deeply rooted in real estate. It’s one of the greatest assets to have to hedge against inflation. As interest rates and house prices increase, if you are in the position to buy, I always say buy! Since the pandemic hit, housing and rent have increased significantly. I own multiple rental properties, which has increased my net worth significantly,”  Mondre Barnes shared.

The Virginia native is very active in the music scene, not only dropping his own distinctive melodies but running a record label that has already garnered a lot of attention on both the Indy and major label aspects, including being featured on “Billboard HipHop” in February 2022, an impressive achievement to say the least.

One might wonder what  Mondre Barnes’s secret is in maintaining success in so many different directions. Seems the answer is to be found in art. The young entrepreneur spoke about the immense influence of hip hop back when he was a teenager. “I would listen and study Jay-Z’s album Blue Print and would dissect his words and apply them to my everyday life from an entrepreneur standpoint and point of view. His business acumen and mindset, especially for young black men, has motivated me since day one! His famous song ‘Can’t Knock The Hustle’ has been ingrained in me since I was 13,” he said. 

Longevity must be built one step at a time and there isn’t another artist who has been as patient and serious about his art as  Mondre Barnes. Both business and music are his strong suits and the world cannot wait to see what other impressive heights he’ll conquer.

You can find him on Instagram and Spotify

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