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Nineteen Media Group Helps Artists Reach an International Audience

The internet provides a variety of thrilling opportunities for artists. On one hand, it is a fantastic tool for them to build their following and introduce the music they make to a much larger audience than ever before. On the other, the lingering competition doesn't always make it easy for independent artists to make a dent in such a vast market. This is why having a powerful ally in the digital space can be the critical element that would make the difference between success and struggle.

Artists can do a great deal independently, including running ad campaigns on social media, promoting their music or even asking their friends to share it. And while that may be effective, Nineteen Media Group can help bridge the gap between the artist and the music industry. The company is based in Sweden, but it works with artists worldwide, helping them reach an international audience.

Nineteen Media Group doesn’t operate as a standard social media agency. Their focus is on developing brands and curating interesting stories to pitch to popular and exclusive networks online to help build brand authenticity.

Brand awareness is crucial for artists to become more recognizable and help attract the right audience. Yet, many musical performers are not aware of the power of branding. Julius Wallblom & Robin Csete, the two entrepreneurs at the company's helm, have a unique approach for every artist they work with. No brand development strategy is the same as another.

Sometimes, it might be difficult for you, as an artist, to think of your music as a business. After all, you're not in it for the money; you're not in it for the career. You are mostly and primarily in music because you love it. Because it's your life and because there is nothing like the rush of being able to share your creativity and your message with the whole world. It is also essential to understand that your artistic side needs to coexist with a more business-minded side. Nineteen Media Group can help you with that and add value to your brand as a musician so that you can focus on doing what you love most: making music that matters.

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