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TyFontaine talks his much anticipated new album "Beautiful Michi Girls"

If you're like me, May is usually around the time every year I get lost in the abundance of new music. With me still trying to dissect all the underlying messages from Kendrick Lamar’s last release, I have missed out on a couple of other releases from artists I enjoy. One of them being from another great storyteller like Kendrick, TyFontaine. The Southeast D.C.-born artist has finally released his long-awaited full-length project, BMG(Beautiful Michi Girls). You can tell he treated this project near and dear to his heart, with this being his first full project since his Internet Money departure, and he treated it like so. This project feels like graduation for Fontaine, he has now perfected everything about his sound now sharpening all the skills that he has utilized. After one initial listen you will notice how the production is out of the world. The one word that best describes it is expensive. Fontaine really has an expensive sound on this project, none of his previous ones sound as polished as this one. He meticulously selected beats that work so well with his vocal range and whatever mood he is feeling. You have tracks like ‘Staycay’ where Fontaine does what he does best, and flows his ass off with his trademark upbeat energy. This island-influenced instrumental is such a summer vibe, and Fontaine sets the mood with his laidback vocals. Then you also have tracks like ‘Lesson Learned’ where Fontaine gets in his bag over acoustic production. I think I speak for the masses, that those guitar type-beats that every rapper uses, inspired by the likes of Rod Wave are almost played out. But the fast-paced delivery from Fontaine made it enjoyable and listenable. He shuffles through different flows, showcasing his improved artistry. Also you have more experimental songs like ‘Scary Hours’. I swear this instrumental sounds like it was something made for pop-stars like Justin Bieber, but Fontaine turns it into something that feels like it was specifically made for him, that’s how talented he is. I appreciate how he doesn’t go overboard with his vocals, and does just enough to win you over. But when the time is right, he’ll sneak in a high-pitched vocal to show he can if he wants. Overall, this project is masterful. Fontaine has grown so much as an artist and all the signs point to him potentially working his way to eventual stardom.

This is now your second project apart from Internet Money, how has the change to being an independent artist (again) been going and what are the main differences?

What do you think sets BMG apart from your other past releases? Did you focus on anything in particular when recording and sequencing the project?

The independent hustle is always going to be more work than when you're with a label. But the last two releases have been some of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. There’s a lot of little things that the label takes care of that you have to do while independent. Shit you wouldn't even think about. Like pitching tracks to Spotify and stuff. Doing things like that has probably been the most challenging part coming from a system where they literally do everything for you. I’ve built a good team around me. They are essential to getting everything done. I’m happy with where I’m at. Just Ascension alone has brought in more than my first advance. When I notice things like that it gives me more inspiration and hope that I can go the distance without a conglomerate behind me. That, and being an inspiration for the youth.   

Which is your favorite song from the album?


What would you say the message of BMG is? What emotions were you feeling most at the time of recording?

Message is Life is beautiful and Love is Crucial. The project is a reflective conversation on how love has affected my life and everything surrounding that. From the love of my family, to the love of a partner, to the love from my fans. 

Your catalog is nothing short of prolific at this point, is it hard to create music at such a high output? Do you ever get writers’/creative block? How do you move past it?

I am the music. Do you find it hard to be yourself? I don’t. It's me. I can't not be or do this. I itch like a fiend when I dont record for like a week. 

The outro song of BMG was very reflective and mature. Are you burnt out on the rapper/Hollywood lifestyle or whatever you want to call it? What are your biggest goals?

Not so much the lifestyle as I am burnt out of LA. It’s a constant internal fight. MY career has flourished here. I’ve broken a lot of bread here. But I constantly feel the urge to leave this place because the energy does not feel pure. Especially in the Hollywood areas. When i go out to malibu and the mountains past calabasas it feels like i can actually breathe.

Do you feel like people expect you to be bigger than life because of your status? How do you stay authentic?

I can't be anything else but me. Thank God. If I was anybody else I would probably off myself TBH. I literally love being me more than anything. 

Which songs from the album can we expect visuals to?

Whichever songs the people gravitate towards the most 

Is this the only TyFontaine project we’ll get in 2022?

At Least 2 more . Colab tape w Joony and a SOLO

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