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Meet Tae Groove: The Hottest Emerging Artists In The Midwest

Midwest hip-hop has a mind of its own and so does the upcoming artist, Tae Groove. Tae Groove is a multi-genre artist from Sioux City, Iowa. Around the age of 9, he started to dabble in music and it wasn’t until his teens that he started to explore it more. At first, he went to college for sports fitness then switched to audio engineering. Audio engineering is what made him become more interested in music and being an artist. He would skip class to record in his dorm room and he eventually decided to drop out of college to go back home and pursue music on a serious level.

Throughout his journey, he has been faced with many trials and tribulations. By trusting the wrong people, he was told that things could be done for him and then never happened. He invested his own money into his career and lost a significant amount. After doing business with a 3rd party who took off with his money, he thought about giving up on life and his career. To any inspiring artists, do your research before getting caught up with the wrong people.

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota Groove had his biggest performance at a Polo G show. 4,000 people attended the event and it was his first time seeing a stage view. After this show, Groove received support and feedback, which put things into perspective for him. It made him realize to never give up and that each step can lead to bigger performances.

Currently, he has five released albums and EPs: “Level Up” 2022, “Heating Up” 2021, “Quattro” 2021, “New Waves Old Ways” 2018, and “Finding Direction” 2017. Groove has been working to push his latest project “Level Up”. “Mate It Out” featuring Jay Esco is his first single on “Level Up.” This video took a lot of time and money to bring to life. Groove and Esco met in NYC to record the song at Quad Recording Studios. The video was filmed in various locations including Times Square. “Mate It Out” represents pain and the struggle of trying to make it out while doing what you love and dealing with obstacles like self-doubt and doubt from people trying to drag you down. A few more singles are set to be released this year. After parting ways with Sound Alive Records, the rest of his albums and EPs were taken down. The visuals for his song “Talk My Shit” will be dropping on June 24th.

In the future, Groove wants to have his own label and produce so he can make a positive impact on new artists. He hopes to show that anything can happen with hard work and dedication. People have reached out to Groove because his message in music helped them push through a difficult time or situation. One kid even sent him a picture of him with his wrestling medal and thanked Groove for helping him through his lyrics and music. The experience and tools he has learned can help others achieve their goals.

To the audience reading this, Tae Groove has a message for you: “You can do anything you want. Make a plan, put in the work and you will find success as long as you don’t give up!”

Tae Groove’s music is available on all music streaming platforms. Be sure to check out his music and social media platforms down below! 

Make sure to keep up with Tae Groove on social media and follow him @TaeGrooveofficial  

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